Arse Spread

This dirty British wife starts of in our photo shoot wearing a short denim skirt. It isn't long before this slutty house wife has taken off her little white panties and is spreading her arse cheeks. We shot this scene while her hubby was in the back ground having a good old wank.

Bisexual Friends
The Great British Housewife loves licking her neighbours cunt while their men are hard at work. If they are not trying to fuck the milkman then they have their tongues right up each others cunt's. These two neighbours are the type of wives that every time their fellas are out. Their legs are open.
Old Uniform
We got this newly wed wife to put on her old school uniform. Then we got her husband to fuck her in it. Although its been a few years since this English slapper was at school she still looks great in her old uniform. Her and her husband are swingers and they love to show off. He loves men to watch her and his mates to fuck her.
Mature Wife
This dirty old slapper has always been an exhibitionist. So when hubby suggested she star on our site, she jumped at the chance to get her legs open. She has a great pair of tits too. I do love a mature wife who has been around the block a few times. Who knows how to get men stiffed up. This old slapper certainly does.
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